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Hi! My name is Jean Peterson and I would like to tell you how "it all got started". Picture Perfect, established in 1995 by myself and my parents, began out of the "Storage Room" of our little Stationery Shop and Bookstore named "The Printed Page". Deciding that managing a retail store 6 days a week was not keeping me busy enough, we jumped into the manufacturing business as well! About a year into existence, when things were chaotic to say the least, we decided that perhaps we should re-order envelopes and boxes for our product before we ran out of them. And that, it would also be nice to have an order form for taking orders instead of using napkins that were left over from lunch!!! Both great ideas, huh??? Those were the good old days!!! Alas, at the beginning of 1997 when I became pregnant with my first child (Jack) reason took hold, and I decided that it was time to focus my energies in one direction. In July of that year, we sold The Printed Page, moved to a much more "spacious" World Headquarters (ha!), and we haven't looked back since!!!

Picture Perfect, well-known for its bright, whimsical look, offers a large imprintable line which includes invitations, birth announcements, note cards, photo cards, calling cards and scrapbooking items. We strive to continually drive my father crazy by coming up with all sorts of new ideas with each new release. After all, we have to keep him on his toes!

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to enter our web site; we hope that you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed working on it! Thank you for your time and interest in Picture Perfect!

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